Saturday, 24 November 2012

An Audience with Professor Green!

~Hey Everyone!

On the 15th of November, my friend and I attended 'An Audience with Professor Green', sponsored by the energy drink, Relentless. (Big thanks to my Uncle for the Tickets!)

After standing in line for an hour in the freezing cold, we entered St John's Church, in Hackney, where it was being held. It was the strangest venue I had ever been to for live music, but it surprisingly worked!

Unsurprisingly though, we had to wait a further hour and a half for Professor Green to come on stage, but the time was well spent, listening to the musical talents of emerging rap group Rascals and an awesome DJ (who's name evades me-Sorry!)
Credits to the Relentless Facebook Page

We really enjoyed songs like Fire Blaze from Rascals and the DJ suitably warmed up the crowd with old school Hip Hop and wicked mixes - pumping us up for Professor Green's explosive set!

Wearing a cool graphic print tee and his iconic coiffed hair, he played out favourites such as 'At Your Inconvenience', more recent songs like 'Avalon' and finished up in style with 'Read All About It'!

Credits to the Relentless Facebook Page

The crowd was so responsive and the atmosphere was electric - All in all a good night was had!

My gig look consisted of:-
  • Green leopard print bat wing top
  • Black and Grey striped trousers
  • Converse double in black and grey
Coincidentally, my friend also rocked up in leopard print, but went for the unaltered print, in dress form and ankle boots!

And to top off both of our looks was our Christmas Claus'!


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