Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Happy Birthday Made By Co-Ge!

~Hey Everyone!

After what seems like the most amazing year, Made By Co-Ge finally turns 1 !

What a coincidence! 1 of 12 surprise cupcakes, my awesome flatmate Liv, got sent by her Mum!
Overlooking my kitchen's view of Leeds!

It was exactly this day a year ago that I decided, with the encouragement of my dear cousin Monique, to start this blog. I had already been making jewellery for quite some time and was accustomed to making it for friends and family for birthdays/Christmas, or just for myself when I fancied something new. Writing the blog just seemed like the next step in showing the world what I loved to do in my free time!

My very first post was my 'Introductions at Tea Time' in which I showcased my funky food rings. From there my ideas and the love for it grew to a place where I could have never imagined it a year ago!

I've truly been blessed to connect with and discover some amazing people and blogs through the development of my own and I only hope that this is just a slither of what is to come!

A few weeks ago, I brought out a range of earrings called 'Sequin Love' and offered a little giveaway to my other fellow fashion bloggers! I asked 6 bloggers to style an outfit or do a straight review around the earrings for this Birthday Post. I've got 4 to share with you now, plus a bonus review of some doughnut earrings!

Emma's Review - Funky outfit post!

Olivia's Review - Wear them 2 ways!

Jess' Review - Thorough review of the earrings!

Beatriz' Review - Simple yet effective!

Bonus Review :

Tanja's Review - Sophisticated Styling!

Click on the links to see the posts and see the blogs themselves. Thanks to all the bloggers that got involved!

You should see the other review posts up later in the week- as I get them, so will you!

Finally, I have to say thank you to all the loyal readers, the occasional readers, the silent readers, the vocal readers, international readers, local readers and future readers, for sticking with and helping my ideas to excel. I greatly appreciate the loyalty and time that you dedicate to reading my blog and understanding the quirky style of my earrings! You all, clearly, have great taste!

Until next time!


© Made by Co-Ge 2013


  1. Wow! That cupcake looks divine. Happy Birthday!

    Jessica Lauren

  2. Thanks Jessica! They were pretty funky! :)