Saturday, 23 November 2013

Made By Co-Ge in Amsterdam.

~Hey Everyone!

I've been away for the past week in Amsterdam as part of a course trip!

Well what can I say? It's a really beautiful part of Holland and I can imagine living there someday! I love the laid back pace of Amsterdam and the richness of the culture, from the bike riding to the abundance of museums and artwork to the quality of the apple pie (more on that later)!

Here's the view from our hotel balcony:

 Selfies in the huge mirrors!

The trip was to allow us to get some primary research to inform our ongoing 18th Century project. We visited the Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum, the Van Gogh Museum and even the Anne Frank Huis all of which were amazing in their own right. It was really nice to see all the contrasting artwork and history in the same area, which also made them really easy to get to.

On a less academic front, I really enjoyed visiting the vintage clothing shops and flea markets, which provided an amazing start to my christmas shopping. There were also a few contemporary shops such as Kitsch Kitchen and Frozen Fountain that provided awesome inspiration and showcased innovative Dutch design!

However, if you know me well enough, you will know that I was raving about trying Amsterdam Apple Pie long before I paid the deposit! So, this week, I took it upon myself to compile the Top 5 Places to eat Apple Pie in Amsterdam!

Lets start with 5 shall we?

Bazar: An AWESOME middle eastern inspired restaurant in a old church, come souk. Great atmosphere, even better food (hands down best meal of the week), however apple pie was more like an apple crumble with a flan base! The thickness of the pie was good though, lots of apple and the occasional raisin. 6/10

Winkel: Well, well well. What can I say about this one. This was extremely recommended by our tutors, and after psyching myself up to go, I have to say I was disappointed. The pie was overpowered by the cinnamon and I couldn't taste the apple as strongly as I would have liked, however the topping was really nice! It was almost like a sweet crispy topping, probably caramelised, but unfortunately this isn't a topping contest. 6.5/10

Cafe Loetje: Famous for its steak and meat selections, but surprisingly fantastic for pie! As a vegetarian, all I had was chips for dinner, but this pie was worth the wait 100% The pastry was soft and spongy, the apple to raisin ratio was also perfect,  the only downside was the amount of pie! This by far was the smallest slice of pie I had all week but one of the nicest! If the apple filling had been thicker within, it might have been higher up on the list. 7.5/10

De Blauwe Pan: This was actually the first cafe we came across on the first day of exploring in Amsterdam, and we ironically thought it was Winkel. After a pretty spectacular onion soup with cheesy bread, I knew this apple pie was going to be a hard contender to beat! Despite it's appearance, it really was a gorgeous desert- the crust was really tasty, soft and spongy and the apple was complimented by the cinnamon, rather than over-powered by it. It was also a nice thick slice as well but only featured about 2 raisins! 8/10

L'Opera: Hands down Best Apple Pie I've EVER tasted! Every aspect of the pie was complimentary and this was the only pie I had that had sliced the apples instead of chopping. It meant each bite was nice and apple-y without having mouthfuls of huge chunks of apple. There was also little pockets of creamy cinnamon which were lovely running through it. The crust and base were thin but spongy and complimented by the pastry slices that were running through the whole pie! Heaven in a slice! 9.5/10

I hope if you ever get to go to Amsterdam, you get to try all the pies and let me know what you think! Also, if any Bakeries want any apple pie samplers, I am 100% available :) haha

Have you ever been to Amsterdam?

What was the best apple pie you've ever had?


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