Friday, 3 January 2014

Welcome to 2014 with Made-By Co-Ge!

~Hey Everyone!

I'm so glad to say that we've entered a new year which promises to be even better than the last! 

I'm greatful for many things and have always encouraged a positive mindset, no matter what the situation- so I thought that I'd look back through 2013 and show you some of the MBCG highlights!

January 2013

Meeting one of my best friends, Olivia, and taking part in my first photoshoot!

February 2013

Making my biggest (to date) Pom-Pom earrings! That has to be one of my proudest moments!

March 2013

Taking part in my second photo shoot of the year in just two months, but it was something I was really loving and on hand again was the wonderful Livvy to model for me!

April 2013

April was a busy month! I started my final major project, turned 19 and MBCG birthed an Instagram page, just to name a few!

May 2013

My third and final photoshoot with Olivia in our foundation year took place in May, alongside the start of the Sheffield Chronicles! This was one of my favourite months in the year!

June 2013

June was another busy month attending Graduate Fashion Week, Thrift Shopping, attending my End of Year Exhibition, changing the look of the blog and bringing out my funky summer jewellery! Phew!

July 2013

Starting the Facebook page, introducing OOTW, beginning my commissions service and featuring in my first Table Top Sale were the fun things I got involved with in July!

August 2013

August has been one of my proudest months of the whole year! I think that I achieved so much in the last month before I moved to Leeds, it was crazy! I made many commissions, loads of new jewellery, met some amazing people in my Street Style segment, attended my first Engagement party and in never before seen, MBGC history, I did my first WorldWide giveaway which took my jewellery to many corners of the world and brought me into contact with so many wonderful bloggers!

September 2013

I won my first Liebster award, moved to Leeds, made some foodie inspired earrings and celebrated MBCG's first birthday! I also did my first installment of the Leeds Chronicles!

October 2013

October was a month where I got stuck into my course, got involved with the Charity Art Exhibition and started to find out more about Leeds in and around town!

November 2013

November was the month I visited Amsterdam, made Charity Earrings and took part in my first JuJu Shop Showcase.

December 2013

December was a time of deadlines, reflection and exploring new directions within my jewellery, which you will all be seeing very soon! :D

Thanks for being such loyal readers and followers- On with 2014!

What was your favorite month in 2013?   What was your proudest moment?


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  1. Happy New Year! I definitely loved reading your posts and seeing all your handmade jewelry. Really exciting and inspiring :)

  2. Happy New Year! Thanks so much for all your support on my blog! I hope this year is full of increase and positivity on both of our blogs!!