Thursday, 9 October 2014

October Says...

~Hey Everyone!

The month of October is upon us, and with it has come thunder, rain and some neon pink pompom earrings ! (Who knew?) I'm really excited for this month in particular, as my calendar starts to fill with uni work, friend catch ups and Made By Co-Ge related projects! Have a look below to see what i'm loving!

October Loves

  • Wearing all black and snuggly jumpers
  • My amazing AFiNC Designs Bow Tie! Gifted by the lovely Metruth (more on her later this week!)
  • Collabs and working with some really cool vintage clothing stores and gifted musicians
  • Powering on, early in the gym, despite the warmth of my bed in the morning!
  • My awesome studio area and being surrounded by inspiring people to match

The Original MBCG Pom-poms!

What are you looking forward to/ loving this October?


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